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What is Physioyoga?        Physio + Yoga + Pilates + Mindfulness;


Stretch, tone, relax, improve posture, sleep and overall wellbeing.


Physioyoga & Wellbeing




is to inspire people of all abilities to incorporate yoga tools for health, therapy and wellbeing. 


  • To support health care practitioners with innovative professional development.


  • To promote and educate physiotherapists and health care professionals in the use of safe, effective, appropriate, evidence based yoga tools for clinical practice.


  • To educate Yoga Teachers with further professional development in areas related to common physical and mental health conditions.





  • Inclusivity


To treat each person with respect, compassion and kindness. To offer yoga practices for people of all abilities to enhance their life.


  • Work-life balance and Well-being


To support health care Professionals in creating flexible, profitable, lifestyle therapy practice.




  • Innovation


We inspire with creative and effective methods, processes and learning tools.


  • Community Connection


To promote community and peer support amongst health care professionals and yoga teachers particularly those who use yoga in their scope of practice.




  • Integrity


We are honest, fair and inclusive. We donate a minimum of 10% of profits to charity to improve the health & wellbeing of women and children.


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