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What is Physioyoga?        Physio + Yoga + Mindfulness;


Stretch, tone, relax, improve posture, sleep and overall wellbeing.


We are now online with Physioyoga ZOOM classes


I hope you are well and in good spirits. As the world community is changing due to the covid are now doing physioyoga group classes live online. It’s now more important than ever to access yoga to bring calm and vitality and connect with our ourselves and our community.

Ready to start? Choose your class or membership, fill in the registration form and may payment. Any questions? Contact us on tab above.

Available Now….


Physioyoga General Hatha

Live Zoom Thursday 7-8 am or Replay 1 hr 


This class includes Hatha Yoga, gentle mat Pilates and ends with short relax. It is a balanced class with gentle stretching, strengthening, balance and breath awareness.


Restorative Physioyoga Gentle Class (you don’t need to sit on the floor!)

Live Zoom Wed 8.30 – 9.30 am   


We include stretching, strengthening, balance and breath awareness. You are encouraged to practice at your own pace with awareness and modifications for any health conditions. Feel toned, invigorated and centred.

For this class you don’t need to sit on the floor. You can use a stable chair (against a wall or solid furniture). Includes chair, standing, floor mat exercises and relaxation Yoga Nidra.

Rebecca Fagan is your Senior Yoga teacher and Senior Physiotherapist.


Physioyoga Therapeutic Classes courses-  themes eg neck, low back, shoulder, core strength, hip and balance.

Live Zoom Tues 9.30 – 10.10 am

(Please register. You may need a pre-assessment) 

We include stretching, strengthening, balance and breath awareness.  

You are encouraged to practice at your own pace with awareness and modifications for any health conditions.

Each week we will focus on a different area of the body or theme for therapeutic yoga.


Restorative Yoga Nidra Deep Relaxation 30 mins in your own time. 

Would you like to improve your immunity, reduce stress or manage pain so that you feel more calm and peaceful in your daily life? 

Perhaps you want to feel more energised, connected and inspired.

Meditation is proven to help improve sleep, protect and even reverse brain changes of ageing and improves your overall wellbeing.

Yoga Nidra can be done lying down on a comfortable flat surface.

Join us with Senior Physio & trained Yoga Nidra & meditation teacher, Rebecca Fagan with over 20 yrs experience.

Your Investment in a Physioyoga & Wellbeing Membership



Physioyoga & Wellbeing Membership 2 Options:


1. CLASSIC Membership $25/week (usually $60)

Two physioyoga classes per week. Live or a replay.

 Listen to the recorded guided Yoga Nidra relaxation in your own time

        • OR

    2. BASIC membership $15/ week (usually $35)

     Community ACCESS  discount membership $10/week

     One physioyoga class per week of your choice. 

     Plus access to a recorded Restorative Yoga Nidra relaxation.

     * Community Access is for those struggling financially eg student or unemployed. You decide! pay only $10/ week.


        • About Physioyoga Memberships
            • It’s important to commit to a regular yoga practice as it takes time to experience the benefits.
            • Memberships are for 8 weeks minimum with ongoing membership paid weekly.
            • You can unsubscribe any time after your initial 8 weeks but we hope you stay!
            • You can pause your membership for 2 to 6 weeks up to 4 times a year.
            • Email us with 2 weeks notice to pause your membership.
            • To help you get started and decide which class, the first week is free!

            Casual classes Physioyoga Public casual classes $20

            Physioyoga Therapeutic Groups $35 Online Pre -assessment required.

            * If for any reason a class can’t be delivered live, a recorded class will be available.

            Expect live classes during school terms.


            Do I need a Pre-assessment?

          • Those with a health condition may need an initial Physiotherapy or medical assessment.

            Seek advice form your Doctor or health professional prior to starting exercise if you have had 2 or more falls in the past 12 months, a recent heart problem, shortness of breath, chronic pain, or other serious medical condition.

            Stop exercising immediately if you become dizzy, develop chest pain or feel unwell. 

            You should discuss this with your doctor.

            Contact us on the tab above for a 1:1 physiotherapy consult online.


            How to start. 

      Contact us on the tab above. If new, fill out a new client form above. Go to payments tab for your choice of class. 


      Bookings and enquiries now open! 


      We hope to see you there!